The news for the 2018 August Kenya Bible Camps
were beyond what we could have imagined! We planned for 1500 children but 1813 attended, with 764 publicly accepting Christ.  We praise God for how He is reaching this next generation in Kenya. 

Pastor Eliazar writes about the August camps:  "We believe this (overflow of attendance) is a true confirmation that God designed Children Bible camps as a strategy to reach out to children. We know He never makes mistakes and this He has powerfully confirmed to us this week. We are excited for the way camps are causing a great impact in children's’  lives. Yes we know there are challenges associated with this growth but we can’t measure the joy of seeing souls surrender to the Lord with the temporal challenges we experience as we get souls delivered to Christ. Actually the difference cannot compare because while challenges are temporal, salvation is eternal so we treasure salvation most." 

"When we saw a pregnant teenage girl come to the camps wanting to be accepted despite coming late and without a registration fee, I felt like crying to see how Satan is wasting young girls. This girl is what has broken my heart most in the two days we have been here. She didn’t fear being in the midst of her peers with a protruded belly. She later in the day came forward to accept salvation and made a decision for sexual purity. What a great joy to see this happen! To God be the glory!”

Wow, good report from Eliazar!  The Kenya camps have become our largest avenue of ministry in Kenya.  These camps must continue as they have proven to be an effective way to reach this young generation for Christ.  Jesus said there is no way to put a value on a soul, but we are able to reach a Kenyan child with the Gospel for $20 for a week of camp.  How many children could you sponsor as an investment in their eternity? 
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